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The Red House (Kokkinospito) of Syros

Nestled in the quietude of Episkopio, the Red House (Kokkino Spiti) stands as a captivating enigma, its crimson façade a stark contrast against the whitewashed Cycladic architecture. Whispers of tragedy and paranormal phenomena swirl around this imposing two-story mansion, its once vibrant rooms now echoing with tales of a young French woman named Marina and her forbidden love.

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York Redoubt National Historic site from above

York Redoubt National Historic site

Generations of soldiers – first British, the Canadian – have stood guard at York Redoubt. They protected Halifax Harbour from an enemy attack that never came. Each new threat, from the 1970s through World War II, brought new types of guns and defences. Here, your read and discover the remains of a century and a […]

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HMCS Sackville moored in Halifax NS

HMCS Sackville (K181)

HMCS Sackville was one of more than 120 corvettes built in Canada during the Second World War and the last of the Allies 269 corvettes that played a major role in winning the pivotal Battle of the Atlantic.

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